Meet our Pastor
Shawn and Stephanie began their ministry as youth pastors in Dover, Delaware. Shawn has served as a member of the North-East Christian College Board of Directors, Canadian director for the UPCI Hyphen ministry, and as Youth President of the Ontario District. He currently serves the Ontario District as North American Missions director and Presbyter.
In addition to her responsibilities as a pastor’s wife, Stephanie is Certified Public Accountant and the president of Stateside Tax Solutions, a company she founded. She is also an active member of the Ontario District Ladies Committee and was nominated for “Quinte’s Remarkable Woman” award. She currently serves the City of Belleville on its Economic Development Committee.
Shawn and Stephanie have served on the pastoral staff of the POQ since 2002 and were unanimously voted Lead Pastor in 2010. Each Sunday, Shawn’s dynamic teaching and preaching inspire people to pursue a real relationship with God and live with greater purpose. Through loving and practical discipleship, the Sticklers empower people to cultivate their unique God-given gifts and purposefully use them to serve the Kingdom. Their progressive leadership style and willingness to follow God’s call has led the POQ into ground-breaking territory including the development of a new campus in Trenton, Ontario.
In addition to ministerial duties, Shawn and Stephanie lead a busy life raising four children and serving the Quinte region.

Meet Our Team

Lenin & Sylvia Campos
  • Spanish Pastor
Eli Aidam
  • Media Team Director
Mike Damaren
  • Men's Ministry Coordinator
Sally Mccrae
  • Hyphen Coordinator
Steve & Amber Foster
  • First Impressions
Josh & Courtney Pierce
  • Sunday School Coordinators
Elliot Aidam
  • Visual Arts Director